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About this Event

Engaging, Educating and Empowering the Community!

We are aiming to inspire our people to be prepared for the challenging and changing job markets. Our vision is to leave behind a legacy of serving our people and helping others for generations to come In sha Allah. Through mentoring, in-person trainings, and more, we would like to make a difference in our community to convert their ideas into real enterprises.

This is a community event for entrepreneurs, technologists, business partners, & those eager to learn and network to convert ideas into realities.


Network with investors and entrepreneurs. Learn about the high-tech world while you're here.

Want to get started building innovative, successful products?

  • We'll show you ways to validate your customers and markets.

  • We have you covered on all stages- from ideas to launch.


Get insights, get support, and get started on your journey!

This community event is for anyone who wants to learn about emerging technologies and innovate in high tech businesses.

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